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About Equator Farm House

Equator Farm House was an idea that came up in 2017 as a Family get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a quiet,and tranquil space with the ambiance of equatorial weather  right on the slopes of snow capped Mt Kenya. The cottage was built using local timber from the farm and the boulders from the River passing through the estate.

Upon completion the family would spend very  few days  within and for the most part of the year it would be vacant and therefore the the reason they opened it to paying guests and named it “Equator Farm House”, as it lies within the equator.The Cottage is owned by the  proprietors of “Dry Brook Estate “which has among other activities deal in,  Dairy farm, Bee keeping, Fish farming, wheat growing and rear food crops. All our kitchen supplies come from our farm which are organically reared.

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We have  3 self contained  rooms with 2 beds each and a deluxe room with 3 beds. The lounge is warmed by 2 fireplaces and artistically furnished in rustic theme. There is a bar, dinning Area,  kitchen and gym room.

The house is well lit by 2 Dome windows as well  as large wooden windows to compliment the Rustic look. Our breakfast is served in our   3 verandas opening towards our beautiful manicured lawns and tropical flowers. Our camping grounds are safe  placed within our iconic cottages area made in an African model.

A Country farm house fully constructed with local Indigenous timber to give it  a homely   and  log cabin feel.It is located on the equator approximately  10 Kms away on the Western Slopes of Mt Kenya in the heart of the African Prairies sandwiched In be tween  the iconic Kisima farm to the West  and Lewa Downs to the south. Within the farm there is a 10 acres made forest ideal for forest bathing, bird watching, and trail hike.

Our Kitchen is fed with organic farm fresh vegetables,eggs and milk  from the farm.It offers you a typical Kenyan country farm feel with a “5 star” warmth of African Hospitality .Your most welcome to come and sample this little Paradise.

You should definitely try sunbathing with us. It’s a wonderful Experience

We are few Miles from Kisima Farm airstrip and we offer transport to the airstrip at an affordable fee